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Oslo Kooperative – Something for you?

As a member of Oslo Kooperativ (Oslo Cooperative), you can get organic / biodynamic food every other week. You do this by ordering one or more bags two weeks before delivery. A bag of locally produced organic / biodynamic fruit, vegetables, flour and eggs costs 210 kroner (this includes the booking fee). Since the bag’s contents consists of seasonal raw materials, the weight will also vary. In wintertime, with many different root vegetables, it weighs about six to eight kilos, while in the summer where salads, asparagus, herbs and similar products are more common, it weighs about four kilos. In addition to the week’s bag, you can order a dairy bag for 420 kroner and/or a meat bag for 525 kroner once a month.

The cooperative has two pick-up locations for picking up pre-ordered bags. Members can choose the desired location.

  • Mathallen, Vulkan 5, 0178 Oslo – extradite every Thursday (even numbered weeks) between 1600-1900.
  • Center, Skippergata 22, 0154 Oslo – extradite every Thursday (even numbered weeks) between 1600-1900.

We are in the process of creating a new website which will include access to our store, where you can purchase you’re vegetable bag, meat bag, and/or dairy bag. In the meantime, orders are made via Vipps. Click here for more information about ordering bags (Norwegian).

Do you want to become a member? Click here for more information on registration (Norwegian).


How often can I get my bag?
As a member you have the opportunity to order a bag every other Thursday. The booking deadline is always Thursday at midnight two weeks before you pick up (For example, if you want a bag in week 46, the booking deadline will be Thursday in week 44). You decide if you want to order the bag every other week or a little less often. You are not bound to anything other than the orders you choose to make – and there is no requirement that you order.

It is your responsibility to collect your bag within the opening hours. If you cannot pick up your bag yourself, you can ask a friend to do it. NOTE! The cooperative does NOT refund money or the bag’s contents if it is not retrieved.

What does it require from me?
Everyone can join Oslo Cooperative. Upon registration, a contribution of NOK 310 is paid (changed at the 2018 annual meeting). All members commit to contribute between 5-8 hours (equivalent to two ‘shifts’) over a year. You can either:

  • Set yourself up to help at one of the pick-up locations where you will sort and weigh the goods, and assist other members to pick up their bags during delivery at your location. More info about the ‘shifts’ can be found here (Norwegian).
  • Participate in one of the working groups (Norwegian) and be part of the process of developing Oslo Kooperativ. This takes some more time but you get more insight into the daily operation of the cooperative. As a member of a working group you are not obliged to take ‘shifts’ as well.

Contact us if you wish to participate in a working group:

We hope you will join us and we look forward to seeing you!

Click here for more information on registration (Norwegian).

Are you wondering about anything else? Read our questions and answers.

Want to know more about how to start a cooperative according to our model? Download and read our guidelines here (Norwegian).