Want to order a bag?

At the moment, we are renovating our website and we are also in the process of getting a new payment solution. Once we launch the new website, you can order your bags directly from our website store. We will keep you posted as to when this option becomes available.

Until the new system is ready, we are using Vipps as a temporary solution for the purchase of bags. Vipps gives you the flexibility to choose where to pick up your bag every time you order. Don’t have Vipps? It can be downloaded for free from Google Play or the App Store on your phone. Read more about the app here (Norwegian).

How to use Vipps to buy a bag:

– Enter the Vipps app and tap “betal” at the top of the app.
– Search for “Kooperativet SA” in the search field.
– Select “Butikk”
– Select the desired pick-up location.
– Select which product you want to buy.
– A receipt can be found in the app under “Mine kjøp.” It can also be sent as SMS or by e-mail.
– Display receipt when picking the bag from the pick-up location you selected.


Here’s how to find Vipp’s receipt you show at the pick up:

– Click “Mine kjøp” at the bottom right of the app.
– Select “Historikk”
– Scroll down to the Kooperative SA purchase and click on the purchases.
– Click (or tap) on the latest receipt to see more detailed information about your purchase.
– The receipt can also be forwarded as text or email.

So far, Vipps has been a good temporary solution and we would like to receive feedback if there is something you’re wondering about or not finding. Write to us at kontakt@kooperativet.no.