Frequently Asked Questions

Oslo Kooperativ – how does it work?

Oslo Kooperativ is a member-owned and member-driven cooperative for the direct sales of local organic and biodynamically produced vegetables and other food with prices that benefit both the farmer and the members.

Oslo Kooperativ has one pick-up location: Mathallen, Vulkan 5, 0178 Oslo. Pick-up every other thursday (even weeks) between 16:30-18:30.

The cooperative is not a regular store or a commercial player. We create value in many ways beyond the food you buy. In addition you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are playing an active part in a larger social community that is working to support small-scale local famers by directly purchasing their goods at a fair price. You also get the opportunity to eat seasonal and local food, learn about sustainability and the impact that food production has the environment. Read more about our 10 basic principles here.

 You may wonder:

How do you order a bag?
You can order a bag of vegetables and other food online every other week. Check «nettbutikk» (webstore) for dates and available food. The deadline is at midnight on Thursday two weeks before the pick-up date.

What is in the bag? 

The purchasing group, which consists of volunteer members, is responsible for organizing what members receive in the bags. Members in this working group order goods for the week’s bag («ukens pose») based on what the farmers’ have. What is available in the bag every other week will be posted on our website the week of delivery. This means that you will order your bag before you know what is in it. This adds to the excitement of seasonal eating. 

How do I contribute as a member?
This is a cooperative, which means we rely on the members for the organization to operate successfully. As a member you can choose to contribute in different ways.

Who runs the cooperative?
We do! The cooperative is based on volunteering. No active members means no vegetables. The working groups often contribute more time than those who decide to volunteer at the pick-up locations twice a year. By joining one of the groups, you have the opportunity to learn more about this alternative food system while getting to know the farmers and other fellow members. The cooperative also has a volunteer board and a coordinator in a paid part time position.

 Who are the ones who deliver the bags?
It is the combined efforts of the farmers and the members! In order for you to recieve a bag of delicious goods, there are anywhere from 5-10 people who make this possible. Members who sign up to volunteer on the delivery days work closely with someone from the logistics group. Together, everyone receives, prepares, weighs, and labels the goods for our new ‘self-pick’ delivery system. Members of the Logistics Group have overall responsibility for coordinating packing and extradition but everyone works together to make the day successful.

 What happens if I do not pick up the bag?
We do not have the capacity nor proper storage facilities to manage the storage and retrieval of goods outside of the pick-up times (every other Thursday between 16:30-18:30). The items that are not collected are distributed among the volunteers on duty or given to organizations, restaurants, events or initiatives supported by the cooperative.

Why do I pay beforehand?
You prepay the bag because this creates security for the farmer – for him or her to be paid for the goods they have grown. If you forget to pick up the bag, the farmer still gets his money, but you lose your vegetables.

I cannot get my bag. What can I do?
Use our Swap Group on Facebook to donate or sell your bag to other members. Remember to forward your receipt to the member who will be picking up your bag.

Can anyone pick up my bag?
Yes, but they must show your receipt. The receipt can be found in email inbox and can be forwarded via email. The person picking up must remember to bring the empty member bag. We do not provide extra bags on site. You are welcome to use a different bag if you have forgotten your member bag but you must provide a way to carry your goods home.

Why do the goods in the bag not always match the list of goods provided on the website?
Sometimes unexpected things happen. Sometimes the wrong goods are delivered or the farmer has a little less of an item and has to replace it with another. We will not always know about the change in time to correct the information on the website. 

I forgot to order. What can I do?
We do not have the ability to accept orders after the deadline. However, you may purchase a bag from another member via the Swap Group on Facebook. Write a post there when the delivery date is approaching but be sure to read posts that have been recently posted. There may be others who are looking to sell their bag or who want to buy a bag who have already posted for the relevant week.

Do you have more questions, or ideas for us? Please write an email to